Many businesses could save a fortune by reviewing their energy spend. Here’s why it pays to check.

It pays to shop around for your electricity.

There’s a BIG cost difference between energy retailer in every region. And the retailer that was cheapest a year or two ago might well be far from the cheapest today.

So if you simply roll over your existing electricity agreement with the same provider year after year, you could be making a very costly mistake.

But if you choose your retailer carefully you could knock thousands off your annual energy spend.

It pays to check your lines (delivery) costs.

Lines charges are what you pay to the local network owner to deliver the power from the national grid to your premises. They can account for up to half of your power bill, but the plan your on might not have been reviewed in years, if ever. Checking your lines plan could knock thousands off your lines charges.

It pays to take a regional view if you have multiple sites.

You should consider splitting up your sites regionally. Different retailers are often cheaper in different regions.

It pays to check the suitability of your metering

You should check that each site has the most suitable metering given its load. Switching to a smarter meter might get you way smarter pricing.

It pays to check whether direct purchasing is an option

If you’re a large user of electricity, you should check whether purchasing your electricity directly from the electricity wholesale market is an option. Cutting out the middle man can save you big time (although with greater reward comes greater risk of wholesale price fluctuations).

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